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【LinQ BestHall LIVE】

Q. When LinQ Live in Best Hall will be hold ?

Normailly we have live perform on every saturday and sunday .
Check our schedule on (Described in Japanese)

Q. Is there have annoucement for next schedule ?

Every month on the middle weekly we will announce next schedule on:
Official Site
Event Schedule
Official twitter(@LinQ_official)

Q. How to buy LinQ live tickets?

There are two types.
1)Lawson ticket…Advance ticket only sell on Lawson Convinience store in Japan.
+Please Using L Code From LinQ Officially site at ameba blog Or you can write “りんく ” on Loppy Machine at Lawson store.
+If you get trouble, please ask Lawson Staff to help you for buy the tickets.

2)Day ticket…We will sell in front of entrance gate at 11 floor tenjin best hall.
Day ticket will be advance if not sold out.

Time schedule
11.30 –> Open ( Time for sell ” Day Tickets” )
12.00 –> Open Door ( Check the tickets )
12.30 –> Starting LinQ Live
Ticket price
Adult (Man) \2,300
High school student and Junior high school student (Man)\1,800
( please bring your student card id or another id to check your old )
Female \1,300
Free for elementary school and under (But the children must go with their parents or their elder brother/sister.)

Q. On the admission order

Admission order ( Lawson ticket ) –> ( Day Tickets ) .
The Tickets from Lawson has number 1-9 , 10-19 , will be separate , random by lottery. After Lottery we will announce the result on LinQ Official blog ( and twitter (@LinQ_official) at the day of live perform and we will put on entrance gate , please see.

We will checking your tickets number 10 minutes before open the door. After finish checking the ticket number , please go to inside theater . For the people who buy “Day Tickets” please make a line after admission tickets from lawson is finish. All seat is free but we for the first we prepare for admission tickets. If still available, you can take a seat for free . Please be patient.

Q. Is it possible to get “Day Ticket” ?

If “Advance Tickets” is sold out, we will not sell ” Day Tickets” and If ” Day Tickets” got limit we will also not sell the Tickets.

Q. What is the rule inside theater ?

・No Food , No Smoking.
・Please make silent your mobile phone.
・Please do not take any picture with your digital video, camera and mobile phone.
・On the seat position, please do not stand up and please do not bother the people behind you.
・On the middle of live perform please do not move to another place . If you got seat position, please put you stuff under the seat. If have available seat beside you , please do not put your stuff on there.
・Please do not make trouble or kind of that with another inside theater , smoking room and another place.
・Please do not smoking in all around live perform area because that area is restriction for smoking. If you want smoking, please going to 8 Floor then on that floor has smoking area.
・Please follow the rule and lets enjoy the live perform until finish.

Q. Can I Re-entrance again ?

Normally , in Tenjin Best Hall you can not re-entrance again. But, if you want go out and want come again, please ask our staff to get stamp for re-entrance. Even you have the ticket but you can not show your stamp , you can not entrance again in theater hall. Please be attention.

Q. In the theater , can i buy LinQ goods ?

Yes. In entrance gate, you can buy official LinQ goods such as towel, t-shirt, poster, and another else.

Q. Is there have special service for overseas?

Yes. if you come from overseas area , please show your LinQ live ticket, airplane tickets and passport to our staff then after our staff checking all , you can get free 1 coin . That coin can you use to select you favorite member to get photograph with sign from LinQ members. If you don’t follow that , you can not get that service. Please attention , 1 coin for 1 member.

Q. Where is the place for smoking ?

In Tenjin Best hall , you can go to 8 floor if you want smoking. On that floor has smoking area.

【Rule of handshake and signature】

Q. What is signature?

After finish live perform, please select you favorite LinQ members then you can choose LinQ photo with 2 size that is L size and A4 size. If you select L size photo , you must prepare 1 coin and if you select A4 size , you must prepare 2 coin. The price of coin is 500 ( yen ) for 1 coin. You can buy that coin in front of entrance gate at receptionist staff. If you has selected your favorite LinQ members , please make a line or follow the line then please prepare that coin to change with photograph from LinQ Members. Please notice the time limit in “Hourglasses” for talking with your favorite member. If you still have coin but the time is finish, you can refund that in our receptionist staff.

Q. Can I get only autograph ?

No. autograph will be available for the people who attend live perform.

Q. How long autograph session will be ?

Normally, autograph session will be available 1 hours. Because of the situation , our staff will announce the information about time for sell and time for autograph session. 10 – 15 minutes before autograph session finish, our staff will announce that and our staff will check the line for the last customer to get that chance.

Q. Can we get sign from LinQ goods ?

LinQ Official goods, magazine, CD will get 1 sign . Please give to that to LinQ members with coin. Another goods is prohibited to get sign from LinQ members.

Q. Is there have rule on autograph session ?

・If “hourglasses” is finish please move to behind because another customer ( behind you ) will go there.
・You can not ask the address, mobile number , and another things which is private things to LinQ members and also you can not give your private things to LinQ members.
・On the autograph session , please do not talking with harassment theme . Please talking with kind of friendly theme.
・Please do not touch LinQ members ( handshake and high-touch is OK )
・On autograph session is only for 1 people.
・If you do not have time then you want take more than 1 photo, you can give more then 1 coin but the time is only using 1 hourglasses.
・When autograph is finish , please do not forget your stuff and take your stuff with you then can use elevator to go out from theater because on that time our staff will cleaning the theater.
・Please follow all the rules. If you break up the rules we will ban you from LinQ theater.
・Please follow all the rules , and please enjoy our live perform until finish.

Q. Can I take picture on LinQ live perform ?

Normally, you CAN NOT take picture on LinQ live perform only Official Cameraman can take the pictures .

Q. Is there have selling goods on another event ?

Depend by event, sometimes selling goods is available but sometimes is not available. Our staff will announcement about selling goods on every event.

Q. Is it available to bring LinQ goods and singing chorus on another event ?

Depend by each event but for safety please see more information on home page event and please ask an event organizer staff to make it clearly.

Q. I want give a letter, can i do that ?

Basically you can give a letter to your favorite member but please give that letter to our staff in front of entrance gate. You CAN NOT give directly to LinQ members. For more attention , our staff will check the letter before give to LinQ members. Also thank you to following and sending by mail address who send by post mail. Our staff WILL NOT GIVE that letter if have something DANGEROUS CONTENT and we will not return that letter. Please be attention.

Letter from fans, Please DO NOT GIVE and ASK about address, phone number , mail address , LINE account, and another description about personal and privacy information.

Fans Letter, present can send to :
JOB NET CO.,LTD.(ジョブ・ネット)
Chuo-ku Tenjin 5-8-4
Fukuoka City,Fukuoka Prefecture ,
Postcode 810-0001

Another, you CAN NOT send direct message to LinQ SNS members such as ( Ameba blog direct message and Twitter direct message ). Our staff is allowed to check regular of SNS LinQ members account. if have something dislike things from LinQ members , we will making report and ban your account and also sending confirmation from LinQ official site.

Q. I want give a present, can i do that ?

For Present we will only accept for BIRTHDAY PRESENT. Timing for give birthday present is one month before birthday or one more after birthday. Also , you can give and pass birthday present on birthday live perform of members. For the event which not hold in Tenjin Best Hall , we can not accept that present because we will movement after finish event. In that case, we really apologize for inconvenience. We would appreciate your support in your email.

Fans Letter and present , address is :
JOB NET CO.,LTD.(ジョブ・ネット)
Chuo-ku Tenjin 5-8-4
Fukuoka City,Fukuoka Prefecture ,
Postcode 810-0001

Kind of stuff CAN NOT RECEIVE
・Stand flower (for the venue will be possible cause of congestion. please refrain. Bouquet, potted flowers, arrangements Flower is possible receive. Members and we would appreciate it if you could enclose a bag to be easy to return that)
・Those directly into the body, such as food and drink (including those unopened stuff. However, such as birthday cake towards the executive committee staff is allowed to check that )
・Those to be applied directly to the outside of the body, such as cosmetics (including those of unopened stuff )
・Those things charged by tax.
・Staff can not confirm inside that present.
・Expensive noble metal, precision equipment, brand-name products.
・However, in that case for operation has been authorized to check the goods directly, we are not in the best of check some goods.
・For CD and DVD it can only be accepted one month before and after the birthday also present on the CD, DVD, regardless of the presence or absence of the copyright registration, those who copy, please be attention.
・You CAN NOT directly send stuff to Best Denki Fukuoka head office. However, if you send flowers is possible to receipt that on the venue.
・Please be attention about all of that and we really apologize for inconvenience and thank you for your kindness and understanding.



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